Robustly engineered blockchain solutions for gaming demands

Build Games (dApps)

Developers can create decentralized application games within the LykaPlay Mainnet. With blockchain integration, developers can enjoy many technological benefits.

Play Games

Players can acquire premium and exclusive perks using Lyka-based tokens. Items, upgrades, and other in-game purchases can be bought in the in-game item market without hassle!

Earn as You Play

Once the game is ready, players can indulge their experience more by earning Lyka coins as they level up in the game. The longer you play, the greater incentives you can get!

Launch Game Tokens

With the LykaPlay Mainnet, developers can make in-game tokens based on the Lyka protocol. These tokens can be applied for use within the decentralized application games.

Gather Feedback

Through our partnership with Real Research, developers can gather feedback for their blockchain game through RR surveys. Participants can get Lyka coins as rewards.

Ensure Data Security

At LykaPlay, unhackable data and item ownership are guaranteed through blockchain. Duplication or cloning of games/ items and data breaches are being avoided at all costs.


Introducing a platform that fuels the way we play

What is LykaPlay?

LykaPlay brings the power of blockchain technology to the gaming world. Within the Lyka Mainnet, developers can create decentralized application games and mint their own Lyka-based tokens for use within the ecosystems of the games that they develop.

LykaPlay Gaming Mainnet

LykaPlay is a crypto gaming platform built on its own mainnet infrastructure. The Lyka mainnet is currently one of the most scalable blockchains in existence. At the moment, it can handle an astounding 300,000 transactions per second, making it one of the fastest in the world.

Real Research Reward Coin

The LykaPlay Mainnet Coin is now an official Reward Coin of the Real Research platform. Anyone can use Lyka Coins to create and publish surveys in the Real Research application. Users who answer Lyka Coin surveys within Real Research will also receive Lyka Coins as rewards.

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LykaPlay implements the Delegated Proof-of-Play protocol. This is a concept that combines Delegated Proof-of-Stake and Lyka’s native Proof-of-Play protocol.

LykaPlay Roadmap

Phase 1

- Market research & Prototype design
- Project Conception
- Team Building
- Website Development
- Whitepaper
- LYKA Coin Development

Phase 2

- Staking Dapp live
- Lyka Swap live
- Lyka Yield live
- Pancake Swap Exchange listing
- Vindax Exchange Listing
- Coinmarketcap listing
- Coingecko listing

Phase 3

- Lyka Move live
- Promotion,Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
- Lyka Play to Earn live
- Lyka Test Net live

Phase 4

- Lyka NFT & Marketplace Live
- Lyka Launchpad Development
- Lyka Exchange Development
- Lyka Main Net live
- Lyka Verse Development


Tapping the booming global games market

LykaPlay will reach the global market through Real Research surveys. As an official reward coin in Real Research, Lyka Coins can be used as rewards for any type of survey published within Real Research. For example, game developers can publish game-related surveys and get feedback from gamers.

Global Gaming Industry

The online gaming industry is on fire and has risen significantly. Gamers nowadays don't just sit in their basement to play console games. They want online mobile games, and developers nowadays have been focusing on providing gamers a better experience by designing high-end graphic games that can conveniently be downloaded on the Google Play and iOS App stores. The LykaPlay Team sees this as an opportunity to target the growing global gaming market as we aim to connect blockchain with the gaming industry.

Gaming Market

From the billion-dollar gaming industry, LykaPlay has explored various market opportunities that can be addressed through blockchain technology. In the gaming community, gamers, developers, merchants, and influencers are the main parties involved. Gamers lack opportunities to earn while playing while developers need assistance for budget acquisition. On the other hand, merchants want in-game advertising prospects and influencers desire more revenue channels to prosper their engagement with the audience.

Who will benefit

Targeting the community for a sustainable gaming ecosystem


Through LykaPlay, players can enjoy playing and earning Lyka token while they immerse themselves in the world of blockchain gaming. Gamers will also be able to mine while they play.


Developers can gain funding from gamers who purchase Lyka and invest in their games. As for the perks, developers can provide investors with rare sellable items and beta testing access.


Within the LykaPlay innovative ecosystem, game influencers can easily monetize their followers through a set referral system that generates an ongoing revenue stream for every lead.


Merchants will benefit from a modern platform where they can upload their decentralized games and take advantage of the exposure already achieved by Lyka to reach a larger audience.

Game Marketplace

After presenting a prototype version of a game, developers can market it with the investors, professional gamers, influencers, and merchants who are part of the LykaPlay ecosystem.

In-Game Market

Gamer assets introduced by gaming developers will only be available for purchase using LykaPlay-based tokens. In this way, players can buy and sell items with zero risks.


The LykaPlay Whitepaper summarizes the concepts and technicalities behind the innovation that would bring the power of the blockchain technology to the gaming world.